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Smart LocATe: Smart Location Acquisition and Tracking Solution

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Smart LocATe is a very low power and low form factor location tracking solution from Lokawiz. It uses both the widely used GNSS technologies namely GPS and GLONASS. This gives our solution a wider geographical area coverage. Hence, it is usable in most parts of world as it is. It also has higher accuracy and quicker acquisition due to use of both.

Furthermore, it can also support Japanese QZSS. The solution does not have this enabled by default but can easily be configured for.

The solution is powered by GSM/GPRS and GNSS module from Quectel and an ultra low power STM32 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU from STMicroelectronics. In addition, its hardware is also very small in size. Overall, it is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Smart LocATe Solution Description

The featured image demos the overall solution diagram. The Smart LocATe is a small stand alone device. It communicates with a Central Server via mobile network. A user can access location data from the Central Server using a personal device such as a smart phone.

Smart LocATe Solution Diagram

The Smart LocATe device has a GNSS module, an MCU and a GSM & GPRS module. The GNSS Module gets the location data from the satellite network and makes it available for the MCU. The MCU sends the location data to a Central Server through a GSM & GPRS Module. The MCU controls the overall location request and response flow. In addition, it has another very important function of power control for the Smart LocATe device and its modules.

Smart LocATe Features

  1. Very low form factor design with board size under 25×20 mm
  2. Flexible power configuration based on application
  3. Has ultra low power configuration with stand-by current as low as 0.25 μA
  4. Very fast locking time for the device location
  5. Very high location accuracy due to use of both GPS and GLONASS
  6. Both periodic and on-demand location access
  7. Very long battery backup life per recharge
  8. Very low exposure due to periodic sleep and wake up
  9. Integrated with MQTT server with publish and subscribe support
  10. Tracking support altitude for hilly area and floors in skyscrapers (*New)
  11. Integrated with touch sensor (multiple use: SOS alarm, asset use, etc) (*New)

Smart LocATe Use Cases

Our Smart LocATe solution is suitable for very wide range of location based tracking. Below are some example use cases of the solution.

Kids and Pets tracking

It is very useful for tracking of kids an pets due to its ultra small size and very light weight. Other competing devices available in the market are quite big and heavy in comparison. Smart LocATe is ideal for kids and pets since it has very low exposure due to periodic tracking with sleep and wake up. With this, users can have peace of mind and more safety for their kids and pets. It does not burden them unlike existing big and heavy devices that may also have bad health effects.

Employee tracking in a large factory

Smart LocATe is very suitable for the employee tracking in a large factory setup. Due to its small size and low power consumption, is usable in a bracelet or armband that each worker takes while checking in and submits during check out. Most of all, this is very useful for safe evacuation of workers in case of an accident. It can help ensure all the workers are safe and out of the accident area.

Vehicle tracking

The solution has excellent use in for all kinds of vehicle tracking needs. It is very useful for tracking a fleet of vehicles, each fitted with an Smart LocATe device, in transport and delivery industry. School bus tracking is another useful use case. Schools and parents can use it to track the kids. This is also quite useful for tracking public vehicles for example bikes on rent.  Furthermore, it can help prevent thefts and can help find lost or stolen cars and bikes.

Shipment tracking

Smart LocATe is useful for shippers who want to give their clients accurate location information of the shipped containers en route. It can also help in theft reduction and increased cargo security at a port. Thus, it can add great value to the customer service experience for their clients. Furthermore, it can also ensure proper taxation avoiding lose of tax revenues during the transit for the government.

Equipment and asset tracking

Smart LocATe can be very useful in tracking and monitoring valuable assets and equipment. It offers a proactive approach to asset protection with instant location and vital statistics 24 hours a day. It can help improve business efficiency by easy asset management and reduced theft or loss. Thus, it can further help increase ROA and ROI of business that need to track its assets and their movements.

Sports and outdoor activity

Smart LocATe is very useful for outdoor sports such as cycling, hiking, climbing, skiing, etc. It can help track all the participants effectively, reduce any foul play. This can help keep the schedule on track and provide useful guidelines during the activity. In addition, it has great value for the safety of the participants. They can also be alerted by an SMS of any upcoming danger. In the event of any mishap, it can also be used to raise an SOS alarm.

Tracking the field workers

Most of all, Smart LocATe is useful for businesses that have several workers out in the field every day. If you are a business owner with many field workers out during the day, it is ideal for you. It allows you to track your workers to improve their productivity and safety while they are onsite on the job. Due to the small size and low power consumption, it is usable in a bracelet or armband and is very convenient to keep and use.

Smart LocATe Demo

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