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Smart NetMC: Smart Network Monitoring and Control Solution

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Smart NetMC is Smart Network Monitoring and Control solution from Lokawiz. It can monitor and also control the internet traffic for connected devices in a local area network. First of all, it can make a log of all the incoming and outgoing web traffic for the connected devices. Furthermore, the solution can control the traffic flow by selectively allowing or blocking the internet access.

The solution is useful for the following basic applications. In addition, it can also extend to similar other smart network application.

  1. Monitoring for web traffic analytics
    a. To identify live status and proper operation of network devices
    b. To identify unusual traffic and take preventive security measures
  2. Blocking of unwanted web access in a home or enterprise network

The Smart NetMC solution is based on ARP Protocol. It is powered by a TCP/IP enabled Ethernet MAC+PHY module from WIZnet and an STM32 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU from STMicroelectronics. The solution can handle hundreds of network devices connected to the router access point. In addition, it can scale up to accommodate thousands of devices in a enterprise network or an industrial IoT network setup.

Smart NetMC Description

The featured image demonstrates a sample case of the Smart Network solution. The overall solution has a Smart NetMC device and a Central Server. The Smart NetMC device connects to the central network router or access point via Ethernet. The network devices access internet through the router and connect to it by either WiFi or Ethernet.

Smart NetMC Solution Diagram

Smart NetMC device

It connects to the network access point through its Ethernet port via RJ45. It has three major components that are a MONITOR, a CONTROLLER and a DATABASE.

The MONITOR makes a log of all the incoming and outgoing web traffic to and from all the network devices. This log is stored into the DATABASE and is finally used for the web traffic analytics.

The CONTROLLER controls the web traffic in the network. It selectively allows or denies the web traffic from a network device based on the rules and category stored in the DATABASE. In addition, the controller also provides the interface between the Central Server and the Smart NetMC device.

The DATABASE stores the web access rules table, web category table and activity logs of the network devices.

Central Server

The Central Server has the master data for internet access rules and categories. This is used to configure Smart NetMC after startup and reset.

In addition, the Central Server can read all the network monitoring logs stored in the Smart NetMC database. The network admin can periodically access these logs and do the web traffic analytics. The server admin can delete these logs periodically to free up space for future logs.

Smart NetMC Use Cases

Below are some basic example of use cases for the Smart Network solution. The solution is however further extendable to similar smart network setups.

  1. In an Industrial IoT network setup, to check the live status and proper functioning of end point devices. This can further help manage end devices and also improve Industrial IoT network efficiency.
  2. Web traffic analytics in an IoT network to identify suspicious web traffic. Take preventive security measures based on this.
  3. Monitoring in public network to identify popular web access for targeted adverts by traffic analytics.
  4. Control web access in home or hostel network setup for minors and also for guests by imposing time limit on certain web site access. Also, deny web access to blocked web sites.
  5. Control web access in an office network based on company policies to help employees keep focused and safe by blocking detractors and malicious web sites.

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