HI-IoT V1.0 Solution

HI-IoT: Home and Industrial IoT Solution V1.0

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HI-IoT is Home and Industrial Internet of Things solution platform from Lokawiz. This post describes first version, V1.0, of HI-IoT solution platform. The solution is built on RF communication channel between the server and the end point devices.

The solution has a central server, a master device and a network of devices. These devices along with their sensors work in the slave configuration and act as the end point slave devices. Furthermore, the central server connects with end point slaves through the master device powered by an AVR Microcontroller from Atmel.It also controls, configures and monitors the slave devices.

The central server is connected to the internet as well as the local WiFi network. A user can access the central server via internet from anywhere using the native browser of a personal computer, a mobile or a tablet. In addition, he can also access the end point slave devices through the central server.

HI-IoT V1.0 Solution

HI-IoT Configurations

Our solution is scalable for a number of end point IoT devices. It is very flexible with configurations for both home and industrial smart network setup. In addition, it has numerous configuration options for the end devices that are suitable for a wide range of usage and deployment locations.

Below is a basic list of configurations for the end devices.

  1. Slave device with a water valve controller and a soil monitoring sensor for irrigation in a lawn
  2. Turn ON and OFF appliances such as lighting, washing machine, geyser, AC, cooler, fans, etc using a Relay daughter board
  3. Control speed of Fan and Cooler through a PW Amp daughter board
  4. Control TV, Audio System and DVD player through an IR daughter board
  5. Use of sensors such as magnetic switch, gas sensors, etc with a slave device for safety and security
  6. Motion sensing based lighting control by use of PiL sensors
  7. Integration with Modbus enabled industrial devices through RS232, RS422 or RS485 along with RF-to-Modbus module

 HI-IoT Use Cases

Below are some example use cases of our HI-IoT solution platform.

Slave device installed at the main gate wired with a magnetic switch

  1. It detects whether the main gate is open or not
  2. Magnetic switch input is configured to automatically turn on light
  3. It activates the alarms and wireless hooters in case of security threat
  4. It also controls the irrigation system and the geyser

A water valve controlled by the slave device

  1. A single slave device control geyser, lighting and motion detection
  2. Lighting and Fan control based on Sunrise and Sunset or Daylight

Slave device with PiL motion detection sensor mounted at the normal switch board

  1. PiL sensor in the slave device automatically disable after sunrise in the morning
  2. The server sends a command to slave device to activate the PiL sensor for lighting and fan control before sunset in the evening
  3. In case of cloudy days, the server can also instruct all the slave devices to activate lighting control based on inputs from PiL sensor
  4. Use of temperature sensor input to switch ON and OFF fans and coolers based on PiL motion detection

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