SD Slave Controller

IP Brief – (Secured Digital) SD Slave Controller

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SD Slave (Secure Digital Slave) controller IP is designed for memory access. It captures data from SD bus and makes it available onto the wishbone interface. It also reads data from wishbone to transmit over SD bus. The core offloads all SD Command processing functions. It is ideal for custom bridge from SD bus to application specific logic.

Features of SD Slave

  1. Compliant with SD Spec 2.0
  2. Handles all SD protocol level details allowing simple memory like interface
  3. Standard and High Capacity operation supported
  4. Supports both 1-bit and 4-bit SD interface
  5. 512 byte blocks
  6. Hardware CRC generation and checking

Special Features

  1. Support for erase command over SD
  2. Allows erase of multiple sectors in one command
  3. Customizable to support proprietary commands over the SD intCustomererface
  4. Robust to multiple clock operation, thus system clock can be completely independent from the SD bus clock

SD Slave Deliverable

The Verilog RTL, Standalone test-bench with SD Host Model. Also deliverable as a custom IP with SD and Wishbone interfaces.

Target Applications/Platforms

  1. Digital appliances that use SD bus to communicate with computer
  2. Data loggers, for storing and retrieving data from memory like interface
  3. Custom SD card functions, with simple memory-like interface

Why you need it

If you have an application and wish to add an SD interface with minimal changes to existing system, you would appreciate our SD Slave Controller IP. Furthermore, you will find it very useful if you wish to implement custom commands over the SD bus and have control on the SD stack in the software side.

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